New Vacuum Excavator

David Hughes 29/09/2022 08:30:00

Earlier this month we took delivery of our brand new vacuum excavator, after a 12-month build process. It’s a great addition to our array of technology that we utilise at DT Hughes Group.


Vacuum excavation is a safer, lower risk, and more environmentally friendly excavation technique compared to other excavation methods. It allows our workers to excavate the ground with minimal risk of damage or personal injury, which is always important to us.

This type of machinery allows for the smartest, fastest, safest, and the most economical way of excavation. It practically eliminates the risk of damaging underground utilities, which is always a hazard when it comes to traditional methods of mechanical digging with hand tools or backhoes. It’s a far less invasive process, and offers a higher level of precision with reduced surface restoration required afterward. By utilising our new Vacuum Excavator, we will be able to complete jobs much faster, and reduce disruption to residents and businesses especially within urban areas. It also reduces noise and limits vibrations that could result in damages on or around the site.

So how does it work? Vacuum excavation allows workers to remove the earth around existing pipes and cables without causing any damage to underground utilities, and without causing any unnecessary health and safety or environmental issues. The earth is easily suctioned away rather than having to undergo strenuous physical work with shovels and air hammers. The suction method is up to 16 times more effective than traditional excavation methods. Plus, it always results in a clean construction site, means that we need less machinery and workers on site. This contributes to a reduced carbon footprint, something that we are very passionate about here at DT Hughes Group.

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